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Place Place Team Captain Partner Day1 Day2 Day3 Total
Day1 Day2 Day3 Total Large
Day1 Day2 Day3 Total



*Standings listed are subject to change.  These are not the official results, as they are entered live at the weigh-ins.  They will be reviewed and updated by the next tournament day's weigh-ins for accuracy.  The tournament Weigh Master's decision is final.
Please consider that our tournament is run by volunteers and our website was built for us at no charge.  We are a not-for-profit group and all funds raised go back into the tournament, mostly to prizes.  We are proud of our site and the volunteers who manage its content.  The standings are updated live and the results can be sorted by column header, including by Total Weight.   

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For more information call
Barb Salvador at 807-466-2578 or
Debbie Ducharme at 807-226-5684



  • 1st$6000*
  • 2nd$4500
  • 3rd$3000
  • 4th$2000
  • 5th$1600
  • 6th$1400
  • 7th$1300
  • 8th$1200
  • 9th$1100
  • 10th$1000
  • 11th$900
  • 12th$800
  • 13th$750
  • 14th$700
  • 15th$650
  • 16th$600
  • 17th$550
  • 18th$500
  • 19th$450
  • 20th$400


 Additional Awards (subject to change at any time):


Tournament Big Fish $600 Plus Big John's Bar Cash Bonus


Big Smallmouth Each Day $400


Big Largemouth Each Day $400

Prize structure based
on 120 entries.


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